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Tray Dryer (Hot Air)

Fruits, Vegetable & Herbs Dehydration Plant

Fruits, Vegetables & Herbs are a major part of our diets. They are rich in vitamins & minerals and are must-needed for proper functioning of our bodies. However, most fruits & vegetables are seasonal and due to their perishable nature, it is difficult to stock them.

So, the simplest method to store fruits, vegetables & herbs for a long time is by drying them. Drying removes the moisture content from the veggies and makes them fit for long term storage. Advanced vegetable dryers, also called tray dryers are amazing machines that can remove maximum moisture content from the vegetables and store them for a long time.

Mech-Air vegetable dehydration plant can produce the best quality products, regardless of outside temperature. Our tray dryer dehydrates the vegetables retaining all natural content such as essential oils, aroma, vitamins and proteins of vegetables.

Benefits of dried fruits, vegetables & herbs

  • Easier to store for a long time
  • A healthy alternative to munching unhealthy snacks
  • No difference in nutrients
  • Easier to pack & export dried veggies
  • Curbs down loss of tons of vegetables every year

Herbs Dehydration Plant

Mech-Air Herbs Dehydrator is a simple machine, wherein you can place the herbs on the dehydrator trays and check after 30 minutes. Stir if necessary. After an hour, stir the herbs and move the bottom stack to the top.

Keep in mind that herbs need a lower temperature setting in the dehydrator than fruit and vegetables. The ideal temperature range in a normal climate is 95°F – 115°F. If you struggle with high humidity up the temperature to 125° F. Add the fresh herbs in a thin layer and let them dry for up to 4 hours.

To check whether the herbs have been thoroughly dried, keep them in a mason jar with the lid on overnight in a warm room. If there’s still moisture in the herbs, you’ll see condensation on the jar the next day. Add the herbs to the dehydrator and resume drying, unless you want fungus to ruin your stash.

Benefits of dried herbs:

  • Easier to store for a long time
  • A healthy supplement
  • No difference in nutrients
  • Easier to pack & export

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