Food Refrigeration

Cold Storage for Fruits & Vegetables

Multi Commodity Cold Storage

A cold storage room is a great place to store fruits and vegetables, as well as other products, as they prolong life and help prevent spoilage of foods. This makes cold storage rooms and cooler room refrigeration a great choice for storing perishable items.

Mechair is renowned as one of the leading cold room manufacturers in India. Our Walk in Cold Rooms, Lemon Cold Storage, Onion Cold Storage, Banana Cold Rooms and more are designed for precise monitoring of temperature conditions. They are used for cold storage of fruits, vegetables, flowers, dairy products, pharmaceuticals, RTE foods etc. These are made by erecting PUF panels and manufactured as per GMP norms, provided with a refrigeration system, including an optional standby refrigeration system for uninterrupted functioning, along with a control panel.


  • Maintains precise temperature for long term cold storage
  • Complete Solution for Simulation of Desired Uniform Temperature throughout the Chamber
  • Eco Friendly, CFC-Free Refrigeration System

Control atmosphere cold storage is a standard preservation chamber designed to provide desired cooling specifications. Mech-Air’s control atmosphere cold storage chamber is developed at the site in specific dimensions with features to suit the exact needs of the applications.

With world-class Insulated Panels, it provides completely reliable cooling as well as preservation to vegetables, fruits and other goods. It is ideal to keep food, sea food, ice cream, frozen food, meat, medical and other perishable products safe, cool and fresh. It can be easily installed in varied sectors and sites such as horticulture, floriculture, dairy, hospitality, pharmaceuticals and so on.

Features of Mech-Air Control Atmosphere Cold storage :

  • Available from +20 to -80 c temperature range
  • Keep the products fresh and enhance their shelf life
  • Ensure to maintain the humidity level according to the need
  • Advanced dehumidifier as well as ultrasonic humidifier

Specialized Onion and Garlic Storage

Storage of onions is very important for enhancing their shelf life, so they need to be stored in onion cold storage. However, they should not be stored unless adequately cured (dried) either in the field or by artificial means. It is necessary to dry the neck tissues and outer scales until they rustle when handled, otherwise the bulbs will rot in storage. They can be artificially cured by blowing heated air at 110-115°F (43-46°C) through mesh bags for 8-12 hours or longer.

Benefits of Onion/ Garlic storage:

  • Optimizes Maximum Storage Life
  • Protects From Damage
  • Promotes Natural Dormancy

Solar Cold Storage

Mech-Air is the first Solar based cold storage Integrator Company in Gujarat. We provide end-to-end support in Designing, Engineering, Procurement, Commissioning, Services and quick Troubleshooting.

Our services:

  • Grid- Tied Solar Photovoltaic Electric System
  • Day Time Solar: Night Time Grid
  • Hybrid Power System - solar + Grid + D.G.set
  • 10mt to 1000mt cold Storage


  • 240/250 Wp MNRE certified solar panels
  • Cuts energy cold stores cost by at least 75% with solar power energy
  • State-of-the-art innovative cold stores facility designs, cold storage construction and practical solar power solutions that have a positive, meaningful impact on our clients profitability.
  • Operates on 415v, 50Hz
  • Operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • Provides 20% more efficiency than other state-of-the-art players
  • Power Optimizer technology for the best efficiency output

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