Food Refrigeration


Pack House for Fruit & Vegetables

The objective of pack house is to encourage exporters of horticultural produce to meet the international standards in terms of quality of produce with quarantine safety.

The pack house is built as per the requirement for material handling, holding, pre-inspection, shorting, grading, washing, standard treatment, packaging, stacking, pre-cooling, cold storage, quarantine check etc.,

Pack house is applicable for handling and processing for all horticulture produce viz fresh fruits, vegetables etc. for export.

Benefits of Pack House:

  • Optimizes maximum storage life
  • Protects from damage
  • Promotes natural dormancy


Raw Material From Farm

Arrival of Raw Materail at packhouse

Primary Inspection & Weighing in Pre Inspection Area

Raw Material held in Holding Area

Sorting, Grading in Processing Area

Packing the Produce

Final Produce Stacked in stacking area

Inspection by plant Quarantine Authority

Rejected Material Disposed off

Pre Cooling / Cold Storage, as per requirement

Dispatch through loading dock


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