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Plant Growth Chamber

Plant Growth Chamber

Plant growth chambers are designed to produce environmental conditions (humidity and temperature) that maximize plant growth. They are sometimes called environmental chambers or terrestrial plant growth chambers.

Applications :

  • Plant breeding and genetic research
  • Photosynthesis
  • Nutrition
  • Other aspects of plant physiology

Features :

Product features for plant growth chambers may include:

  • Touch-screen controls
  • Observation windows
  • Additional lighting
  • Humidity control
  • Co2 enrichment
  • Spray nozzle packages
  • Air-cooled condensing
  • Remote-controlled condensing
  • Dry alarms
  • Cabinets and shelving
  • Dimmable lighting
  • Extended temperature ranges
  • Heated or glass doors

Walk-in plant growth chambers are also commonly available at our manufacturing unit. They can be large enough to step in, or can be room-sized. Like reach-in plant chambers, walk-in products can provide light for vascular plants and are used in standard plant production. They are also suitable for plant pathology, agricultural research, bio-technology research, and seed germination and development applications.


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