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Germination chamber for seeds

Germination chamber for seeds

A germination chamber is an enclosed area, where the temperature and humidity can be regulated. There is often some sort of tray stacking system where it is easy to see which trays have germinated and are able to easily insert and remove trays.

Accurate environmental conditions are created within the chamber to perforate different experiments without going onto the field.

Seed Germination Principle:

The aim of seed germination is to inspect thoroughly the viability of seeds. To explain it more, seed germination is a process by which we examine how many seeds are able to grow and produce a satisfactory crop. Seed germination results are also used in seed labelling, certification and sowing purposes.

Step-in Seed Germination Room:

Working principle of a walk-in room seed germinator is the same as a seed germinator chamber. It is the size and capacity of inner space that makes the difference. When there is a need for a large seed germination process, walk-in room type seed germinators seem the best option, since it facilitates entry for a man. A man can enter in the walk-in seed germinator room and examine the seeding status closely.

Mech-Air’s Step in Seed Germinator is corrosion resistant and appreciated among our clients for its fine finish and easy installation.


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