Cardamom Processing

Cardamom Processing

Cardamom Processing

Feed Hopper With Vibratory Feeder Unit

This hopper can store material up to 300 kgs and uniformly feed it to the aspiration channel that cleans the cardamom by separating light impurities and dust from it.

Aspiration Channel With Water Scrubber

The function of the Aspiration channel is to separate the light weight particles that are carried away by the aspirating air and drop the pure cardamom to the discharge chute.

Bucket Elevator

The bucket elevator is used for feeding material uniformly in to De Stoner Machine

De Stoner Machine

The De Stoner Machine is used to separate stone and fine dust from the materials

Magnetic Drum Separator

The Magnetic Drum Separator separates iron particles from the cardamom

Bucket Elevator

The Bucket Elevator feeds material uniformly into the Grader

Grader / Gravity Seprator Machine

To separate different sizes of the Cardamom in three grades

Colour Sorting Machinery for Cardamom

Line Scan Camera based Colour Sorting Machine of 108 Channels with 6 lanes having on-line re-sorting facility for rejects (72 Primary + 36 Secondary Channels of 11mm pitch).

Gross Type Bagging Machine

Type : Gross Bag Filling

Feeder Type : Vibratory Feeder

Weighing Range : 40 to 50 Kgs

Maximum Output : 80 bags of 50 kgs net / hour

Electronic Platform Scale

Type : Electron Microprocessor based


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