Banana Puree Line

Banana Puree Line

Banana Puree Line

Three Way Inspections Cum Preparation Conveyor

Suitable for inspection and preparation (removing peels) of bananas.

Preparatory Processing Machines Fruit & Vegetable Washer

Suitable for washing various fruits & vegetables. The fruit or vegetable to be washed is dropped into the washer which consist an air blower attached to the unit that agitates the product and subsequently washes It by a strong water spray.

The four stages of washing are:

  • Soaking into the water
  • Agitation in the water
  • Subjecting to strong water spray
  • Draining after washing

Bucket Elevator:

Fitted with S.S. buckets, the bucket elevator helps to receive the prepared product and feed the same to the Blancher.


Suitable for blanching the bananas.

three way inspections cum preparation conveyor:

Suitable for inspection and preparation (removing peels) of bananas.

Fruit Mill

Suitable for crushing the bananas.

Pulper Cum Finisher (Two in One Type)

The unit consists of a coarse and a fine pulping unit mounted one below the other on a common M.S. body.

Pulp Collection Tank

Rectangular sloped collection tank that is suitable for collecting pulp from the pulper. Holding Capacity: 200 Ltrs.

Pulp Transfer Pump

Suitable for pumping the pulp from collection tank to the mixing tank. Capacity: Up to 500 Liters/hour.

SS Filter

Capacity- 125 ltrs
M.O.C – S.S 304

Shell & tube Preheater

(Tube in Tube Preheater)
Shell 38mm and product carrying tube 25mm, Operated on steam of 1kg/hour. Capacity 80-90 liters per hour.

Processing Machines Mixing Tank With Stirrer

The tank should be cylindrical conical bottom type, made out of S.S. 304 sheet. It should be fitted with a propeller type mixing stirrer along with an inlet, outlet connection. Capacity : 200 Liters

Sugar Syrup Preparation Processing Machines

Steam Jacketed Kettle With Stirrer:
Both the main pan & steam jacket are made of S.S. construction. The kettles should be fitted with all the necessary steam fittings like safety valve, pressure gauge, drain cork, steam inlet & outlet connection.

The kettle should be designed for a working pressure of 50 psi. Capacity: 250 Liters.

Pump With Variable Speed Drive

Suitable for pumping the pulp/juice to the pasteurizer.


  • SS tank of 100 lit with deaeration space
  • Mounted on pipe legs
  • Cylindrical vertical in shape


High Pressure Homogenizer with manually operated two stage homogenizing head. Capacity: 1000 liters/hour

Collection tank for Sugar syrup

Conical bottom type consisting of inlet & outlet connections.
Holding Capacity: 200 Liters.

Screw pump

SS pump fitted on SS base.

Rotary Scrape Surface Pasteuriser

Suitable for continuous pasteurization of fruit pulp/juice.

Filling & Packaging Processing Plants Overhead Insulated Storage

TANK: Conical bottom type along with inlet & outlet connections. The tank should be insulated from outside and covered with S.S. sheet. Holding Capacity: 200 Ltrs.

Automatic Can Filling Machine (Rotary Pump Filling Machine)

A Rotary type volumetric filling machine suitable to fill fruit pulp in OTS can from 2
½ size to A 12 size cans.
Capacity: 1 Kg – 15 Cans/minute.

Discharge Conveyor

Fitted with S.S. slats of 150 mm width X 2000 mm length suitable to receive the filled cans from the carriers of Rotary Pump Filler and convey the same up to the seaming machine.

seamer (24 DS)

Semi-automatic type, suitable for seaming the open top tin containers

Can steriliser

Suitable for sterilizing the empty cans.

Canning Retort (Single Crate)

Single crate type suitable for sterilization of filled & sealed cans. Capacity : 100 Cans of A 2 ½ size


Perforated type made out of M.S. suitable to hold 2 ½ size cans.

Can Coding Machine

S.S. Pipelines & Fittings

To interconnect various processing equipment, wherever necessary


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