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Pineapple Processing line

Pineapple juice processing involves the whole process of making pineapple juice that includes sorting, washing, peeling, juicing, filtering, sterilizing, cooling and bottling. Mech-Air pineapple juice filtering machine consists of a number of equipment that can be used as per your requirements.

The process consists of 5 major steps:

  • Sorting – removal of rotten, unripe pineapples and selecting mature fruit for fresh quality juice
  • Washing – removal of stains, impurities and pesticide residues on fruits with adequate machinery
  • Peeling and Extracting – cutting of the fruit into half and separating peels and pulps
  • Second Pressing – Peeled pineapples transmitted to juice extractors for further extraction
  • Filtration – removal of all suspended solids, fibers and colloidal particles
  • Degassing – Removal of air in the fruit juice to restrain oxidation and browning
  • Sterilization & cooling – Juice is sterilized and transferred to a heat exchanger, where temperature is lowered

Lemon / Citrus fruits Processing line

Lemon juice is an important food additive and is also widely used in various other industries. The lemon juice processing machine is the main equipment in this processing line which is responsible for extracting the pulp and juice from fruits.

At Mech-Air, we can design and manufacture a complete lemon juice processing line according to your requirements.

Key Points of our plant:

  • High speed functioning
  • Long life
  • Sturdy design
  • Maintenance free

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