Black Pepper Processing Plant

Black Pepper Processing plant

Black Pepper Processing


The function of the Pre cleaning system is to clean the black pepper and separate light impurities, stones and dust from the actual product. The system consists of the following equipment.

a) Bucket Elevator No. 01

This equipment is used for feeding the material uniformly into Grader Machine.

Feeding Capacity: 1.5 MT/Hr.

b) Grader Machine

This machine comprises of two decks. The top deck separates oversized seeds and lighter particles and the bottom deck separates fine dust from the solid material.

c) aspiration Channel

It separates the light-weight particles from the material, with the help of aspirating air flowing through the channel. The drawn out material drops to the discharge Chute.

d) Bucket Elevator No. 02

This equipment is used for feeding material uniformly into De Stoner Machine.

e) De Stoner Machine

This machine is used to separate stone and fine dust from the material (black pepper).

f) Magnetic Drum Separator

The function of this machine is to separate iron particles from black pepper

g) Bucket Elevator No. 03

This equipment is used for feeding material uniformly into Steam Washer


This machine is used to wash the black pepper with steam.

Bucket Elevator No. 04

This equipment is used for feeding material uniformly in to Fluid Bed Dryer

Dryer (Fluid Bed Type)

The function of the Fluid Bed Dryer is to dry the black pepper and maintain moisture up to 8 - 10 percentages.

Bucket Elevator No. 05

This equipment is used for feeding material uniformly into the Gravity Separator.

Gravity Seprator Machine

This machine will separate different sizes of black pepper in five grades. It can also segregate the broken pieces.

Vertical Form Fill Centre Seal Machine & Impulse sealer Machine

Filling Range: 1kg, with Mechanical Batch coding unit

Capacity: 10-18 pouches/ minute of 1 Kg. pepper

Bagging Machine

Type : Gross Bag Filling

Weighing Range : 15 to 25 kgs

Maximum Output : 50 bags of 20 kgs net / hour

Laminated Bag Sealing Machine

Sealing jaw length 20” x 10 mm long line type With adjustable bag stand


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