Food Processing

Extrusion line


A pasta extrusion line is a complete production line to produce a wide range of different pasta shapes. In this process, the pasta dough is pressed in various shapes to achieve a specifically shaped die. The dough is pushed from the chamber right into the die with making use of a crank or a liver. The machinery can be used either to make complex pastas such as rotelle or hollow ones such as macaroni.

Benefits of a Pasta Extruder

  • Offers you incredible functionality & creativity
  • Enables you to make different types of pasta
  • Saves a lot of time & efforts

Soya chunks - Bari / Granules / Nuggets

Soya chunks or bari/ granules/ nuggets are commonly referred to as vegetarian meat. They are prepared from defatted soya flour through the process of extrusion cooking.

In this process, the protein in the flour undergoes many structural changes and forms a fiber like network. These nuggets, when soaked in water, absorb the water and develop meat like and chewy characteristics. Soya chunks are rich in protein and are free from cholesterol.

We, at Mech-Air offer superior quality soya chunks extruder customized as per your needs. Our soya chunk extrusion line is manufactured using high quality components and the most-advanced technology.


  • Operational fluency
  • Robustness
  • Excellent strength
  • Smooth operation

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