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  Modular cold rooms
Cold Rooms are available in both pre-fabricated PUF panels and conventional panels. The cold chain logistics infrastructure consists of Pre cooling facilities, Cold storage & Refrigerated carriers.       > More
An essential component of post harvest infrastructure, a cold chain provides uninterrupted series of storage and distribution facilities while maintaining a suitable environment through control of temperature, humidity and other parameters.                       > More
  Turnkey Project
Designing,Engineering, manufactur- ing, execution, commissioning of food.                                   > More

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Ideal for ripening fruits like:


Banana Mango Papaya Apple
Tomato Lemon Orange Pears
Melons   A) Water melon   B) Honey Dew (Sweet)
Peppers   A) Bell Pepper   B) Chilli Pepper    
Stone Fruits   A) Plum   B) Peaches   C) Nectarine

Our state of the art manufacturing facility is spread over 10,000 sq. ft. of area and manufactures superior quality fruit ripening equipment. Complete solutions like design, engineering, manufacturing, installation, commissioning and training are done in-house.

Our fruit ripening solutions follow the best practices in the world and drastically save time for you. Our extensive knowledge and expertise in the field of fruit ripening ensure that you get high-quality and tasty ripe fruits. Now, why wait for fruits to ripen slowly when you can get juicy, fresh fruits with a natural taste. This in turn will also help you get these fruits to the market

Fruit ripening is possible through two methods, first by Ethylene Generator and second by a fully automatic centralized ripening system with Ethylene Gas Cylinder.

Ethylene Generator

In this process, the fruits are placed in an air tight insulated ripening room where the desired temperature, RH and air circulation is controlled & maintained. The fruits are then exposed to a specific dosage of Ethylene gas at desired intervals while Carbon Dioxide levels are also maintained and air is infused at regular intervals.


Fully Automatic System

Pressurized Ethylene Gas is released at a very slow rate by using a Double Stage Gas Regulator and Solenoid Valve into the ripening room loaded with the fruit unless and until the desired concentration.

System Equipment

Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Analyzer
Ethylene Analyzer with Concentration Controller
Doping Ethylene Gas Cylinder
Double Stage Gas Regulator
Gas Control System with fully automatic Concentration Controller (Ethylene & CO2 gas) with Solenoid Valves and dispensing pipelines
  Both these systems are the most efficient and economical


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