Expansion Management

Mech-Air industries

Successful customers will grow with you over time. However, if you don’t have a streamlined, data-driven process for expansion, you may miss out on valuable growth opportunities. With Expansion Management, Mech-air Industries helps drive revenue by identifying and executing on opportunities for upsell and cross-sell.

Expansion Process :

  • Inception – Collect insights from affiliates and professional service providers. Define your motivation and aims for expanding.
  • Teaming – Compose an inter-disciplinary team of internal and external project team members to plan and possibly execute project.
  • Planning – Conduct feasibility study and design business case. Design market strategy and choose mode of entry (e.g.own subsidiary). Define project requirements and engage in early due diligence.
  • Location selection – Identify, assess and visit feasible location and site options. Eliminate unqualified options. Negotiate incentives and utility rates. In preparation for construction, conduct technical due diligence. Understand legal and tax implications, locally and at home.

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