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In today’s complex and dynamic business environment, organizations continually evolve to improve performance, anticipate and pre-empt competition, and innovate for long-term sustainability and success. Organizations are constantly challenged to evaluate opportunities across all facets of their business, be it strategic, commercial operations like sales and marketing, manufacturing and supply chain, new product development, technology platforms, customer service and support, or people processes.

MECH-AIR offers professional services for the Project Consultancy Work for Food Processing and Post Harvest Management as well as other Agri Infrastructure Projects & for establishing, upgrading, modernising food processing units.

Additionally, we offer our services as implementation partners to ensure business goals are met.

Our key Project Advisory service offerings include:

  • Process consulting  
  • Technology and risk consulting
  • Project Automation
  • Special projects
  • Project Planning design & engineering
  • Giving manufacturing technology
  • Supervision
  • Commissioning
  • Validation, documentation, training of personnel for maintaining horticulture produce quality
  • Calculation of cooling load based on the design parameters furnished by you
  • Design of suitable refrigeration system to meet the estimated cooling load with the considerations of optimization of energy consumption, operation and maintenance
  • Preparation of equipment layout and schematic drawings
  • Preparation of technical specifications and selection of makes for all components
  • Preparation of Bill of Material and enquiry documents
  • Assistance in appointing vendors and contractors for execution of the job
  • Guidance & supervision to local contractors and your departmental teams during execution of work at site
  • Supervising the testing/commissioning jointly with your executives
  • Preparation of as-built drawings and compilation of technical documents of all equipment received at site for permanent records

We have built the company on 'reliability' - reliability of products and service having details of produce knowledge.

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