Specialized Fresh Onion Storage

Storage of onion is very important for enhancing their shelf life. Onion with dried leaves can be stored by hanging in ventilated rooms. Storage without tops in nylon netted bags gives better performance. The storage of onion under field conditions is made in bamboo huts or sarkanda sheds.

The commercial storage is done in air conditioned stores for 6-9 months. Recommended temperature of 0-5 C and RH-65% to store onion for 6-7 months safely. Higher temperature of 26-32O C is satisfactory to store onion only for one month. The intermediate temperature between 5-20O C is undesirable, because it favours rapid sprouting.

Similarly higher relative humidity results in rotting and mould growth. The onion bulbs must be thoroughly cured before storage. Recommended a temperature of 0O C With RH of 65% to store dry bulbs of onion for 28-36 weeks.

NO. Item Description QTY.
1 Incoming Onion Sorting / Grading Machine 01 NO.
2 Onion Curing Room Machinery Size: 90 X 20 X 11ft.(H) 01 No.
3 Cold Store -1400mt [350mt X 4 Nos.] 01 Set
3.A 100mm Puf Panels With Sliding Door 1 Lot For 4 Rooms
3.B Pressure Fan Arrangement 01 Lot For 4 Rooms
3.C Refrigeration Machines 12 M/c.
4 Metal Racks For Cold Store 1 Lot For 4 Rooms
5 Reheating Room 01 NO.
6 Main Control Panels + Sub Panels 1 Lot
7 Wooden Pallets 1 M X 1.2 M 800 Nos. For 4 Rooms
8 Electronic Weighing Scale 1 no.
9 Fork Lift 1 No.
10 Control Cables 1 Lot For 4 Rooms
11 Refrigeration Controls Including Copper Pipes 1 Lot For 4 Rooms
12 D.g.set 1 No.
13 Erection And Commissioning Of The Entire System 1 Lot

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