Modular Cold Room Storage For Seeds

Insulation of Seed storage room Prefabricated 80mm PUF Panels with 40+/-2 kg/m3 Density inside and outside Pre Painted 0.5mm Thick GI Sheets with cam lock for air tight construction, facing material GI precoated sheets & Flooring with 80mm PUF panels & tarfelt. Kota stone flooring of 18 to 20mm thickness with regular finish –by you.
Product to be stored Cereal crop seeds
Expected temp. before Cooling (Product incoming temp.) +35 Deg.C
Temp. after cooling (Final product Temp./ Room temp ) +15-20 Deg.C
Relative humidity 35-50%
Type of cooling Room Air cooling
Dehumidifier No separate dehumidifier required for our system. Our system is capable of maintaining temperature and humidity at the same time in the room.
Room lighting Philips make - 4 Watt/m2 with vapour proof light fixture
  • Seed Storage is a common feature of successful seed production-marketing operations.
  • If you wish to store seeds for a longer period i.e. from 6 months to 10 years conditioning of the storage environment is always necessary.
  • The higher the moisture content of the seed, the more they are adversely affected by the temperature.
  • A one percent decrease in moisture content or a ten degree decrease in temperature nearly doubles the storage life of seed.
  • Most of the seeds are stored at 8ºC to 15ºC for various periods to eliminate the dormancy.
  • Harrington (1972) suggested that seed longevity decreases by one-half for every 1 percent rise in seed moisture.
  • Seed viability was rapidly reduced at higher humidity (>40 percent)
  • Seeds absorb moisture from the atmosphere due to a gradient created in vapour pressure, whereby the moisture moves from high to low vapour pressure. The rate of absorption depends on the chemical composition of the seed.
  • Seeds with high protein content absorb moisture more rapidly than those with high levels of carbohydrates and fats.
  • In general the moisture content of seed increases with a rise in relative humidity level, and absorption also depends on the temperature.
  • Seeds are dried by several means, such as natural drying, sun drying, dehumidified drying, drying with desiccants, vacuum and freeze drying.
  • Insect activity stops at moisture equal to < 35 percent RH; similarly fungal activity is inhibited at less than 65 to 70 percent RH.
  • Seed moisture increases especially in sealed storage; well-dried and low-moisture seeds are preserved in moisture-proof containers during storage.
  • Higher oxygen content during storage reduces seed viability.
  • In open storage, humidity is controlled using a dehumidifier while at low temperature, moisture-proof containers are used to protect seeds with high humidity.
  • For maintenance of vigour as well as germination, moisture contents should not exceed 10% (relative humidity below 40%) and temperature in the warehouse should not exceed 15ºC.
  • Seeds man who are genuinely interested in maintaining both germination and vigour should consider establishing “conditioned” storage units with “Mech-Air INDUSTRIES”.
Technical Specification Of Cold Room Machine:


Type of ref. System Split type Split type
Type of condenser Air-cooled
Type of compressor Hermetic, 3 HP
Make of compressorEmerson
Refrigerant R-22 / R-404a
Capacity of ref. System16,000 btu/hr at 4°C
Capacity of heater bankNot required
Power consumption2.5 Kw
Power supply 415V, 3phase, 50 Hz
Condensing unit dimensions 1020mm(W) x 450mm(D) x 525mm(H)
Weight in kgs80 Kg. (Approx.)
Evaporator Dimension 930mm(W) x 430mm(D) x 480mm(H)
Air flow of evaporator 1600 CMH
Power supply for evaporator 415V, 3phase, 50 Hz

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