Blast Freezer

  • The simple definition of a blast freezer is a freezer which is extremely cold. They can sometimes be referred too as ‘shock freezers.’ The concept behind shock freezers is to quickly reduce the temperature of food products or fresh produce in order to reduce the metabolic processes significantly. They are often used in the food industry for products such as ready meals, fish and vegetable products. Commercial kitchens also use blast freezers for cold storage.
  • Blast freezing is a rapid form of freezing which minimises the damage and preserves food at a higher quality. The convenience of blast freezing means that frozen items can then be moved to a normal freezer for long term storage provided the new freezer is cold enough to sustain the low temperature.
  • How Do You Blast Freeze?
    Most blast freezers use blower fans which emit cold air across the contents of the freezer which causes rapid chilling. Blast freezers vary in terms of design and functionality and some are equipped with trays or pallets that are adjustable, allowing users to position foods into various compartments for freezing.

    Apart from the obvious advantages such as a higher quality, better tasting product, blast freezing offers health and safety benefits. The extreme temperature dramatically slows down metabolic activity. This means bacteria growth is slowed and there is a greatly reduced risk of contamination providing food is handled safely and subjected to freezing immediately after preparation.

    The food safety advantage is the reason why blast freezers are incredibly popular in commercial food preparation areas as the food providers can reduce the risk for consumers and end users.

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